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Aquatrace Intelligent Roofing Solutions

AquaTrace provides an extra layer of information to the digitalization of smart buildings through a technology that works seamlessly in monitoring waterproofing performance and defining cost saving information for key stakeholders connected to the building.

Know the exact location of any leak before water makes its way into the building, avoiding any damage to the structure or its contents. We offer a unique roofing leak detection solution for any building through the use of our IOT devices (via the iCloud), which provide real time performance of all waterproofing trades. Aquatrace also adapts standard building materials to monitor roofs for leaks.

This innovative leak detection technology is best for your roof top facilities, bar areas, restaurants, swimming pools and green roofs – knowing in seconds if your waterproofing has been compromised.


Our product consists of a 2-ply adapted polyester fleece that is commonly used on flat roofs as a breathable layer under various waterproofing membranes. Our method and product allow us to detect (in real time) not only leaks as they happen, but also the concentration and behavior of water (its movement under the waterproofing layer). In addition to this instant detection, we can determine the location and cause of the said leak and confirm if a repair has been carried out successfully.


Aquatherm consists of adapted standard foil-backed insulated panels connected via our innovative technology, which enable us to monitor the waterproofing performance (without an additional membrane layer).

The most significant advantage centers on the ease of adaptation to facades, soffits, podiums, balconies, bathrooms, kitchens, high pressure internal pipes and habitable basements – as all of these are areas within a building and are commonly already insulated with foil-backed aluminum.

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Our Quality Assurance

Installation of Voltite Waterproofing Solutions systems are supported by GeoShield Quality Assurance Programs provided by GeoShield Ltd. With 30+ years of experience globally, GeoShield provides independent on-site training and support to ensure optimum performance of your chosen waterproofing system.

GeoShield operates globally and its Quality Assurance Programs have been used in projects across Europe, The Middle East, Singapore and the Philippines. Read more.

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