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About Geomas Geocomposite

Voltite’s bentonite waterproofing systems are part of the Geomas Geocomposite product line. Geomas Geocomposite provides engineering solutions to various environmental lining and construction projects through its innovatively developed waterproofing products.

Waterproofing companies here in the Philippines and abroad look up to us not only due to our high quality products but also because of our high production capacity and our manufacturing plant’s strategic location in Turkey. These are important factors in our ability to become the best available option to contractors, developers and project owners in a fast and cost efficient manner. Currently, Geomas Geocomposite products have a solid presence in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.
Geomas Geocomposite is a subsidiary of the Izomas Corporate Group, an industry leader in providing responsible and environment-friendly material solutions. Izomas considers nature, environment, and people; we know that our world’s resources are not infinite and they are humanity’s common property. Thus, our philosophy is to conform to the principles of recovery and to choose environmentally friendly sources on the way to reach our goals.

Our Local Waterproofing Contractors

We have partnered with highly qualified and well-experienced waterproofing companies/contractors in the Philippines to be able to effectively supply, design and install Voltite Waterproofing Solutions according to every project need.
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Gulf Coatings & Painting Services

Rizal Street, Asinan, Poblacion, Subic, Philippines 2209

Mobile #: (0956) 130-1749

Email: gulfcoatings@hotmail.com

Website: www.gulfcoatings.net

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Corrchem. Inc.

General Aviation Rd., Bankal, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015

Phone #: (032) 268-9670

Email: corrcheminc@gmail.com

Website: www.corrcheminc.com

Through GeoShield, our quality assurance program, we also provide independent on-site training and support to ensure optimum performance of your chosen Voltite Waterproofing Solutions system.

Voltite WS & Contractors in Action

Here are some images of contractor seminars, on-site trainings and construction site visits we have conducted.