Electronic Leak Detection for Flat Roofs

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Leak Detection Using Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM)

Voltite Waterproofing Solutions (a bentonite waterproofing provider based in Manila, Philippines), with the support of the GeoShield Quality Assurance Program, offers electronic leak inspection and detection, and integrity testing for new and existing flat roofs and structural waterproofing membranes.

Using a “wet test” or more technically known as electric field vector mapping (EFVM), we offer a non-destructive method of detecting pinhole leaks in a roof’s membrane – providing targeted and effective repairs versus that of complete roof replacement. Compared to other methods of water leak detection, Voltite’s EFVM has the following advantages:

  • Eliminates the hazards and potential damage that are usually associated with traditional flood testing
  • Works on nearly all roof waterproofing membranes including liquid-applied, asphalt, reinforced bitumen membranes (RBMs), and single ply
  • Can precisely detect and locate pinhole leaks to within mm accuracy
  • Can be performed quickly and with ease, therefore more cost effective 
  • Performed by our skilled and experienced waterproofing contractor

How Does Electronic Leak Detection Testing for Roofing Systems Work?

STEP 1 - Area Preparation

Once the area to be tested has been thoroughly wetted down, our technician will install an un-insulated wire loop around the perimeter of the area and connect an electrical pulse generator to the wire.

STEP 2 - Leak Testing

With the use of electrical pulse generator, our technician will deliver a voltage potential to the loop. Leaks or breaches in the roof are detected when the electric current flows across the membrane and down through the breach to the deck, completing the circuit.

STEP 3 - Mapping Leaks

We will perform the leak test in all roof penetrations, terminations, equipment mounts, roof membranes, perimeter flashing, and any other roof conditions that could affect the building’s watertightness. All leaks will be located and marked on the roof’s surface with survey paint.

STEP 4 - Report Generation

After conducting all visual inspections and electric field vector mapping (EFVM) procedures, we will generate and issue a report detailing the locations of the leaks and recommended remedial action to be undertaken.


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Our Quality Assurance

Installation of Voltite Waterproofing Solutions systems are supported by GeoShield Quality Assurance Programs provided by GeoShield Ltd. With 30+ years of experience globally, GeoShield provides independent on-site training and support to ensure optimum performance of your chosen waterproofing system.

GeoShield operates globally and its Quality Assurance Programs have been used in projects across Europe, The Middle East, Singapore and the Philippines. Read more.

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