Bentonite for Waterproofing Products

Voltite Waterproofing Solutions offers a range of bentonite for waterproofing products that are specially designed for commercial and industrial construction in the Philippines. 

Bentonite, specifically sodium bentonite, is a high performance self swelling and self healing material for waterproofing. It is greatly capable of repeated cycles of increase and decrease in moisture without deterioration of its sealing properties and can last for more than the lifetime of the structure.

Commercial & Industrial Waterproofing in the phillippines

Voltite Waterproofing Solutions

A strong and durable waterproofing system represents one of the best ways to protect a building or structure from unwanted damage. The threat of water leak or damage is even more pronounced for structures built in low-lying or flood-prone areas of the Philippines, where extreme weather conditions are the number one enemy.

Bentonite waterproofing is one of the most effective sealing methods for both medium- to large-scale construction projects. Aside from being highly impervious and durable, it can adapt to challenging situations of waterproofing and, is easy and safe to install in all weather conditions.

Voltite Waterproofing Solutions is a range of bentonite-based waterproofing products, consisting of waterproofing geo-composite membranes, injection grouts and GCCMs designed to prevent the passage of water and water vapor in a structure. Our products went through international standard testing and were completely certified by both American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and British Board of Agreement (BBA) Technical Approvals for Construction.

Through our experienced waterproofing company partners, we supply, design and build waterproofing systems for: blindside applications in basements, retaining walls and tunnels; water containment structures like ponds, dams, dykes and canals; soil stabilization and; even post-construction remedies.

Products & Services

bentonite waterproofing membrane

Below Grade Waterproofing Membrane

Our bentonite waterproofing membrane is specifically developed to provide an effective watertight barrier in below grade concrete construction, including basements, retaining walls, tunnels etc.

bentonite for waterproofing

Injection Grout

This pumpable sodium bentonite composite is perfect for grouting and stabilizing soil, and sealing wall voids.

material for waterproofing

Concrete Matting

Voltite offers geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCMs) containing layers of highly impervious sodium bentonite geotextile - used for sealing against liquids and gases in a wide variety of applications.

leak detection

Electronic Leak Detection for Flat Roofs

Know the exact location of any leak before water makes its way into the building, avoiding any damage to the structure or its contents.

Project Gallery

Our bentonite waterproofing systems have been used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial construction projects in the Philippines and abroad.

Our Quality Assurance

Installation of Voltite Waterproofing Solutions systems are supported by GeoShield Quality Assurance Programs provided by GeoShield Ltd. With 30+ years of experience globally, GeoShield provides independent on-site training and support to ensure optimum performance of your chosen waterproofing system.

GeoShield operates globally and its Quality Assurance Programs have been used in projects across Europe, The Middle East, Singapore and the Philippines. Read more.

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